by nekokoban
axel->roxas • romance • T
words: 5.660
Axel has the thought: he could set this entire room on fire, and even as the whole thing burns to ashes, Roxas would not respond.
COMMENTS: A very old fic, so it's throughly jossed. Still my absolute favorite Axel/Roxas though.
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  • by quillslinger
    axel/roxas • romance • R
    words: 18.670
    Like a game of Snakes and Ladders, life can change with a roll of the dice.
    COMMENTS: Very captivating canon-verse fic. Written pre-Days, so jossed.
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  • by Tabitha Dornoc
    axel/roxas • romance • M
    words: 8.850
    It's mission time, and Axel and Roxas are paired together to take over a new world. Roxas is unimpressed and Axel is mostly just amused.
    COMMENTS: Another old jossed fic. 'Swearing and murder and dance cards' - great fun to read.
  • KH
  • by moonsheen
    axel/roxas • romance • T
    words: 3.368
    “Where was I? Oh, right. Every waking hour, every day-- …nevermind we don’t…have days, okay-- I don’t want to think of anyone but you, Roxas. I’ll wait, and wait, and wait for you to come back—”

    “That one’s from that play right?”

    “…the sequel actually—but shush, you. I’m going somewhere with this. A thousand words, doesn’t even begin to describe it. I waste away! Turn into an insubstantial shivering mass of -- …man.”
    COMMENTS: 'Axel with a side of... Axel, Axel, Axel. and okay some other guys too.' Fun read!
  • kh
  • by raihu
    marluxia/namine • gen • G
    words: 722
    Tomorrow is never today.
    COMMENTS: Hooked me right from the first line.
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  • by senri
    marluxia/namine • angst • T
    words: 3.211
    the lion the wardrobe the witch.
    COMMENTS: Another fic about Namine's life in Castle Oblivion. The ending is great.
  • KH
  • by yo-yo-san
    marluxia/namine • gen • T
    words: 223
    Just Marluxia, considering the future. Pretty harmless, really. ♥
    COMMENTS: Short and sweet.
  • KH
  • by surestsmile
    marluxia, namine • gen • T
    words: 342
    don't forget, she's heartless too.
    COMMENTS: Another short and sweet Marluxia/Namine.
  • KH
  • by surestsmile
    namine • gen • T
    words: 1.907
    This is how a memory witch forgets.
    COMMENTS: A heart-skewering fic delving into the aftereffects of the events of Chain of Memories on Namine.
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  • by surestsmile
    riku replica • gen • G
    words: 835
    You've been lying to me since the day you said, 'Hello'.
    COMMENTS: Riku Replica in his last moments. I like the hopeless yet desperate tone of the fic - as though representing his struggle to assert himself as his own person, knowing it's futile - and the anger he feels towards Namine and Sora.
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  • by ghosty
    saix/xion • romance • T
    words: 1.137
    Life is an endless series of transgressions against him and Saïx has no intentions of admitting the mountain made of that molehill, nor the enjoyment he gets from the view at the top.

    After all, the view has no face.
    COMMENTS: This was written for me. But even if it weren't it'd still be a gift to read - so many good lines and an incisive portrayal of both characters.
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  • by anonymous
    saix/xion • romance • R*
    words: 98
    He's most cruel to her...
    COMMENTS: Look at the rating, it's Saix/Xion, how can I not put it here?!
  • KH |
  • by starling-chan
    saix/xion • angst, horror • T*
    words: ~700
    One day, this little toy will regret that they ever met.
    COMMENTS: Saix's frustration and jealousy comes across starkly in this fic. I like his bitterness at the possibility that Xion might misunderstand his intentions.
  • KH |
  • by taliax
    vanitas/aqua • friendship, adventure • T
    words: 91.125
    Just because he was a heart of pure darkness didn't mean he wanted to be stuck in the Realm of Darkness forever. Just because she was the only other one there didn't make them friends. And just because they were going to spending a whole, whole lot of quality time together didn't mean she could change him. Ignores BbS 0.2.
    COMMENTS: Longfic! "Vanitas and Aqua getting stuck in the Realm of Darkness together" is a premise that promises an entertaining read from the get-go. I really enjoyed the way their antagonism - which OP doesn't just gloss over or easily resolve, either! - and differences in idelogy gradually gives way to a surprisingly sweet alliance. And on that note Aqua's awkwardness plays off entertainingly against Vanitas' more childish, innocent side.
  • KH
  • by TheIcyQueen
    even, ienzo • family, gen • T
    words: 1.485
    And there they were again, back in the labs where everything had begun and ended. They'd lived lifetimes between then and now; they'd been entirely different people. It's said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but the whole "heart" thing was...pretty new to them. Unfortunately, so were the emotions that went along with them.
    COMMENTS: I'm actually a sucker for fics portraying these two as family, as reluctant as they are to acknowledge it. The dialogue in this is great, and the fic doesn't shy away from acknowledging how strained their relations were in the Organization proper. OP's other fics, and about these two in particular, are also highly recommended ^^
  • KH |
  • by voxanonymi
    ienzo, others • gen, hurt/comfort • T
    words: 33.788
    Everything was oddly smaller than Ienzo remembered it being, if only because he himself was not so small anymore. The castle, however, was still immeasurably large, and now it felt accordingly empty. Ienzo was more than familiar with emptiness. Ten years an empty shell, after all.

    With the second Keyblade War on the horizon, Ienzo wants to help the Guardians of Light however he can; to atone for sins past. It's hard to focus, however, with his newly-reclaimed humanity hanging heavy on his conscience.

    Or: Kingdom Hearts III, through Ienzo's eyes and heart.
    COMMENTS: Ienzo's journey in picking up his life back again after getting a chance of redemption is so well-paced here that the optimistic ending canon handed out feels that much more believable now.
  • KH
  • by snappleducated
    aqua, terra, vanitas • drama • T
    words: ~2.000
    On drowning, passion, and ones who fall because they never learned to run fast enough.
    COMMENTS: Aqua's POV, and the way she is caught between multiple roles at once and feeling as though she's failed at every single one, is done beautifully here, as is the antagonism between her and Vanitas.
  • KH
  • by Mitsukaii
    roxas, kairi • AU, tragedy • T
    words: 1.123
    It's beautiful outside, dead guy.
    COMMENTS: Short and sad. A real gut-punch of an ending.
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  • by Karyra
    namine/xion • romance • G
    words: 1.312
    Namine had met Xion before. At Castle Oblivion. And now she met Xion again, in order to erase her existence.
    COMMENTS: The only Namine/Xion fic I like. Really underrated fic.
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  • by snappleducated
    riku/namine • angst • G
    words: 444
    Riku doesn’t like it when she draws Kairi.
    COMMENTS: The frustration and sadness comes through excellently in this piece. It's short but poignant.
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  • by Cryptographic_Delurk
    woodrow/chelsea • romance • G
    words: 1.224
    "I’m better than you at archery. Doesn’t that bother you?" Chelsea asked.

    It was a steady suffocating pressure, and so much responsibility. But Woodrow wasn’t the kind of person to be selfish.
    COMMENTS: Absolutely hilarious. Peak Woodrow characterization right here.
  • tales of |
  • by Cryptographic_Delurk
    leon/philia • gen • T
    words: 3.162
    He left Philia feeling assured in herself that justice and fairness were impartial.
    COMMENTS: It's Rio/Firi fic, you can't get any better than that?! But that aside, this fic focuses on aspects of Philia's character that aren't dwelled on much - her insecurities and naivety and narrow-mindnedness - and puts her refusal to believe Leon has betrayed the group in a different perspective.
  • tales of
  • by prototyping
    luke/natalia • friendship, romance • G
    words: 4.082
    Facing exile from their homeland, Luke and Natalia reflect on both the past and the future, the good and the bad.
    COMMENTS: Honestly I did not deserve such an excellent fic of such an underrated couple... this story brings their insecurities and conflicted feelings about their past and each other into sharp, personal focus. Plus it's also really cute, whether you ship them romantically or not (or just a fan of both characters).
  • Tales of |
  • by lavendre
    judith/rita • friendship • G
    words: 666
    Rita brings up the prickly topic of Judith's father. For once, it doesn't hurt.
    COMMENTS: Judith and Rita living together after the events of the game is so good. As is their conversation here - despite its brevity, this fic manages to touch on the things that make their relationship so interesting.
  • Tales of |
  • by windian
    asbel/hubert • romance • R
    words: 5.659
    "If you had a time machine, would you use it? And where would you go back to?"

    During his annual leave, Hubert returns to Lhant for the harvest festival. Asbel wishes things could go back to how they were as children. He loses badly at battleship. He accidentally witnesses his brother in a comprising position.

    As it turns out, his little brother's still afraid of thunderstorms.
    COMMENTS: Excellent characterization and translation of the brothers' not-quite-completely resolved conflict in the game into UST, with just the right amount of their characteristic awkwardness.
  • Tales of
  • by snappleducated
    alvin/elize • romance • T
    words: ~4.700
    Growing up, Alvin teaches Elize the things she doesn't want to know.
    COMMENTS: Post-canon fic following Elize's growing into adulthood and feelings for Alvin. Handles the issues in their relationship tactfully and staying in-character without being moralizing.
  • Tales of
  • by secretagentfan
    jude/ludger • fluff, humor, AU • G
    words: 2.555
    Walking disasters Ludger and Jude pull an all-nighter and make a snow cat. College AU.
    COMMENTS: This is absolutely adorable. I love how the story translates their canonical lives (college debts! grad school! ludger's part-time jobs! it works too well!) to a more mundane AU. The cameos from Elle and Julius were small but so memorable.
  • Tales of
  • by lavendre
    eizen, edna • gen • T
    words: 2.079
    He thinks he would have liked to have gone home, once or twice.

    Or: Eizen, and losing.
    COMMENTS: The matter-of-fact, fatalistic way Eizen's POV is written makes this fic feel like a punch to the gut; not unlike the feeling you get from realizing his fate in Berseria is a foregone conclusion.
  • tales of |
  • by lavendre
    magilou/velvet • hurt/comfort • T
    words: 5.145
    In the dark of the Van Eltia’s cabin Velvet presses a thin and simple blade to her throat.

    Magilou is still learning how to be afraid.
    COMMENTS: My favorite Magilou/Velvet fic bar none. It portrays Magilou's POV perfectly.
  • Tales of |
  • by antistar_e
    miles/franziska, phoenix, trucy • gen • G
    words: 9.073
    Phoenix Wright needs some time to recuperate. There's really only one place to go.
    COMMENTS: I came for the Miles/Franziska, but the fic is just as much about Phoenix and Trucy. Either way, it's amazing.
  • Ace Attorney
  • by antistar_e
    many • AU, romance • G
    words: 6.046
    Or, five weddings that never happened (and one that almost did.)
    COMMENTS: Another fic that captivated me utterly when I was 12. The way OP makes all the AUs feel so fleshed out despite letting us only see a relatively small part of each is incredible.
  • Ace Attorney
  • by jibrailis
    dahlia • gen • T*
    words: 1.773
    Snapshots into the girlhood of Dahlia Hawthorne.
    COMMENTS: Incisive and brutal.
  • Ace Attorney
  • by velthomerr
    knoll/lyon • gen • G
    words: 1.097
    "Knoll returns to Grado, where he dedicates himself to rebuilding it and fulfilling Lyon's vision. When the country is restored to its former glory, he disappears without a trace, never to be seen again." -Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones epilogue.

    Knoll only stays in Grado for as long as he is needed.
    COMMENTS: Knoll/Lyon is certainly a relationship that invites tragedy, and this fic takes Knoll's ending in Sacred Stones to its obvious conclusion.
  • FE:SS
  • by sulfate
    felix/ingrid • hurt/comfort • M
    words: 4.296
    When they fought together it was like for the moment they were inhabiting their former selves again.
    COMMENTS: A fic set after their paired ending - which is a marvel in and of itself. Tackles their issues and mutual antagonism/concern/affection/etc without flinching.
  • FE:3H
  • by signalbeam
    lindhardt/dorothea • gen • M
    words: 5.703
    "If an opera is made about my life someday, I wonder how I'll be portrayed. The revolutionary who guided the Empire to a new dawn, or the foolish ruler who took her revolution too far?"

    In the summer, the people of Fhirdiad puts on a festival to celebrate their victory. Linhardt, on sabbatical from Garreg Mach, goes to see an opera with an old friend.
    COMMENTS: A look at Lindhart and Dorothea's lives after the war. This story balances farce and tragedy, seen through Lindhart's POV, with breathless ease.
  • FE:3H |
  • by Anonymous
    alfred/marilyn monroe • romance • G
    words: ~2.000
    He didn't understand how someone like Marilyn, who was the focus of so much love, could feel so all alone.
    COMMENTS: Short and sad thing I read 10 years ago. Told in vignettes.
  • Hetalia
  • by Anonymous
    ryou/fubuki • romance, friendship • G
    words: 9.145
    Marufuji Ryou, before he was Kaiser.
    COMMENTS: A pre-canon fic about Ryou and Fubuki's growing relationship at Duel Academia. Mostly lighthearted, it's thoughtfully written with subtle character writing and worldbuilding.
  • YGO:GX
  • by sintari
    neji/hinata • romance • G
    words: 674
    Neji is seventeen. Hinata grows old.
    COMMENTS: A short and bittersweet story following Neji and Hinata's relationship through the years - even as she outlives him. OP's other Neji/Hina fics are also recommended.
  • naruto
  • by ceresi
    neji/hinata • gen • G
    words: 1.895
    Someone has been freeing the caged birds in the Hyuuga compound.
    COMMENTS: The bird/cage metaphor is done so well here.
  • Naruto
  • by vapanalley
    ling/lan fan • romance, angst • T
    words: ~1600
    His father had fifty wives and his father's father had fifty wives and all the fathers before him had half a hundred wives of their own.
    COMMENTS: More bitter than sweet, but their affection and devotion for each other comes across so well here.
  • FMA:B
  • by suzume
    kimblee • gen • T
    words: 1.327
    Kimblee has long been bending circumstances to his advantage.
    COMMENTS: Backstory fic. Chilling and true to the character without being overstated.
  • FMA:B
  • by camudekyu
    roy/winry • drama, hurt/comfort • M
    words: ~19.700
    Practice losing something every day.
    COMMENTS: A realistic portrayal of an impossible couple following the ending of the 2003 anime. I greatly enjoy OP's Win/Roy fics and interpretations of their lives post-canon.
  • FMA:2003
  • by ghostheart
    aizen/momo • tragedy • R*
    words: 3.147
    His first bid for power comes full circle.
    COMMENTS: This story takes their relationship to its most brutal - but plausible - conclusion.
  • bleach
  • by tasteslikemiso
    aizen/momo • angst, romance • G
    words: 156
    "As the leader of Fifth division."
    COMMENTS: Short and sad. The last line is a killer.
  • bleach
  • by Stealth_Noodle
    katsuya, tatsuya, ulala • gen, family • T
    words: 15.574
    The dead timeline lives on, and Katsuya Suou stubbornly persists in it. His brother is determined to do better.
    COMMENTS: Top notch worldbuilding and Suou brothers dynamic with a good helping of Katsuya and Ulala friendship - my favorite! Ulala's reminiscing of Maya destroys me utterly to this day.
  • persona 2 |
  • by patchworkearth
    tatsuya, all cast • gen • T
    words: 41.585 (incomplete)
    Living after the end of the world is hard. Living with yourself is harder. Tatsuya Suou comes home to find not everything is where he left it... and some scores are yet left unsettled.

    (Or, "Persona 2: Atonement")

    A post-EP epilogue of the Other Side... but why are his friends still there? Why has someone new donned the Joker mask? Who are the City of Heaven cultists? Why is Kei Nanjo working with Tatsuzou Sudou? And can Tatsuya work up the courage to ask that damned boy out on a date, or what? A story of finding a place to belong.
    COMMENTS: Long and plotty, with loving characterization and attention to canon details, and enough twists thrown to keep you interested. Also it acknowledges Shiori, what other Persona 2 fic does that?! Hasn't been updated in years, but worth reading nonetheless.
  • Persona 2 |
  • by piasora
    ginji/lisa • gen • T
    words: ~800
    Ginji who is strong and smart and desperate and pukes black stuff and can do enough thinking for both of us but is that really okay? Lisa thinks not but Lisa thinks a lot of things that never happened.
    COMMENTS: My favorite part of the fic is that it portrays EP!Lisa as being more naive and unguarded compared to her IS!self. That's a little attention to detail that adds so much.
  • persona 2
  • by signalbeam
    miki/kozue, juri • gen • T
    words: 5.408
    Five years later, Miki and Kozue search for teenage fencing incest turtles.
    COMMENTS: My absolute favorite Utena fic (though I'd reccomend OP's Utena fics in general). The surrealism of the show translates flawlessly to the fic's prose and it gets better from there.
  • utena |
  • by syrupwit
    utena/akio/anthy • gen • M*
    words: 431
    Akio's starter harem.
    COMMENTS: Took me a bit to get the premise, and then it hit me like a brick.
  • Utena
  • by ryfkah
    juri • gen • G
    words: 2.386
    Life is more than a collection of still frames.
    COMMENTS: A coda to Juri's character development throughout the series.
  • Utena
  • by kuruk
    misato/ritsuko • gen, romance • T
    words: 4.555
    Ritsuko’s hand was warmer than she could have foreseen. Misato kept her hand atop hers for an overlong moment, if only to make good on the gesture, before she retracted it and wiped the small film of moisture that had accumulated on her palm onto the counter.

    [Misato and Ritsuko try their hands at friendship, again.]
    COMMENTS: The bleak, gray feeling of the series comes across perfectly in this fic - as does Misato and Ritsuko's history together.
  • evangelion |
  • by ruriruri
    yui/mari • gen • T
    words: 957
    Now, right now, in SEELE’s wreck of a hospital ward, smelling the rot of the place, the rot of the world, like Hiroshima, like Nagasaki, like hell itself had swallowed up—everything—Mari breathes in blood and breathes out poetry.
    COMMENTS: Complicated femslash.
  • evangelion |
  • by Xairathan
    yui/mari • romance • G
    words: 2.736
    The story of the end of the world, told in two parts.
    COMMENTS: Sad and sweet, and gives them a semblance of happy ending that still slots in with canon.
  • evangelion |
  • by koneko zero
    hyuga/misato • romance, angst • T
    words: ~4.560
    Hyuga Makoto is the most pessimistic optimist in all of NERV, according to Aoba. Unfortunately he also has all the willpower of a heroin addict when it comes to the central cause.
    COMMENTS: So captivating despite being in the POV of a minor character.
  • Evangelion
  • by suitablyskippy
    ensemble • gen • T
    words: 5.606
    “We’re here to discuss a better world,” says Sudo, quietly, after a moment. Slowly, Satomi’s fists unclench; slowly, Komori sheathes his knife. “A world where those who live are those who have earned the right to live.”

    “Oh, God,” says Bungo, and drops his face into his hands. “No offence, Sudo-kun, but I knew you were too good to be true.”

    (Before they had their shadow dragons, and before they were a team, and before they had a plan - they were all still just as fucking weird.)
    COMMENTS: An excellently written fic giving all the pre-canon details about the Star Chamber kids - and how they play off each other - you never knew you needed.
  • Narutaru
  • by gveret
    yuri/momoka • gen, tragedy • T
    words: 2.745
    She's not broken; she's misassembled.
    COMMENTS: A fic that paints a stark picture of Yuri's backstory and her feelings for Momoka. Yuri's POV is heartbreakingly matter-of-fact.
  • Penguindrum |
  • by manhattan martini
    cyrus/dawn • drama • G
    words: 211
    Cyrus hates hating her.
    COMMENTS: Their relationship, and Cyrus' bitterness, encapsulated in 200 words.
  • Pokemon |
  • by manhattan martini
    gold/crystal • AU, romance • T
    words: ~5.000
    "I was not the one who confessed to the wrong girl," Crystal snipes, watching Gold flinch.
    COMMENTS: This fic captured me from its first few lines. It's a high school AU with teenage angst and A+ characterization - what's not to like?
  • pokemon special |
  • by manhattan martini
    satoshi/mayaka • angst • T
    words: 1.512
    He thinks of her as his, but doesn't allow her the pleasure of a vice-versa.
    COMMENTS: Very vivid portrayal of Satoshi's indecision and the wedge between his and Mayaka's relationship.
  • Hyouka
  • by petaldancing
    satoshi->mayaka/houtarou • AU • T
    words: 4.875
    "Aren't you going to wish me 'good luck'?" — AU, where Mayaka falls for Houtarou instead of Satoshi in middle school.
    COMMENTS: Wonderful use of first-person POV here - OP really nails Satoshi's voice and his insight on Mayaka and Houtarou's relationship.
  • Hyouka
  • by snappleducated
    yukiatsu, anaru • gen, drama • T
    words: 7.100
    In some other place, a little boy takes his turn drowning in the river.
    COMMENTS: An AU where Jintan died instead of Menma. Anaru's POV - her griefs and anxieties and anger - steals the show however.
  • AnoHana |
  • by youcallitwinter
    justin/alex • romance • M
    words: 6.645
    Maybe she should have taken the Beatles' way out and told him she just wanted to hold his hand or something.
    COMMENTS: Alex's voice is spot-on.
  • wizards of waverly place |