about the about page

Just a page for me to use as my twitter about. I don't really like laying everything out on one page but I also like wasting time making bad layouts so here we are :'D I'm still working on it. Even the page url sucks right now. The topbar navi links aren't functional yet, so just scroll. It's not a long page.

I mostly 'contribute' (questionable) to fandom by writing fics (also questionable). If you read them, I hope they're worth your time ^_^ Criticisms and typo corrections are welcome, as is calling me a 'disgusting asshole' using several sockpuppet accounts.

I'm a bit shy otherwise, but feel free to reply :D Fic requests are fine too.

I plan to add a section here for sites I find interesting, and maybe a blog/updates page too? :0 Or dust off my old recommendations page...

currently into


I like and have a variety of problematic pairings that I don't support IRL.
I don't take shipping too seriously; generally I think that if the official work has subtext of a certain kind, it's kind of silly to pretend it doesn't exist.

I mute RTs liberally and periodically softblock accounts I don't interact with much; having a crowded TL stresses me out. Feel free to do the same to me or outright block.

I have NOTPs, it's not super important but I'm unlikely to budge on them. I mute a lot of terms so I might not see every tweet.

I'm often locked. Follow requests are fine, I read bios and about pages.