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    (27/05/2022) Removed the BYF. That section is now 'content', which is much nicer.

    (22/05/2022) I made this page over the weekend while playing a Final Fantasy Tactics romhack. RIP. Here is a link to the romhack and patching instructions if you're interested. It's pretty fun!

    !!MOBILE VERSION IS BUGGY SORRY!! Toggleable sections are now working, click on the buttons above for navigation :D


    I mostly 'contribute' (questionable) to fandom by writing fics (also questionable). If you read them, I hope they're worthwhile. Criticisms and typo corrections are welcome, as is calling me a 'disgusting asshole' using several sockpuppet accounts. I don't delete weird or negative comments, so go nuts lmao.

    I have a soft spot for pairing the spares, pulling parallels out of thin air, and letting subtext run rampant into the next dimension. It's easy enough for a few conversations and friendly words to persuade me into considering a pairing I never saw before. Of course, I also do that on my own just fine ^_^ I have squicks and tropes I'm averse to - but who needs me to put that here?


    A.K.A Hi I have bad taste.

  • legend of galactic heroes
  • favourite character: mittermeyer.
    favourite pairing: reuenthal/elfriede... f
  • persona 2
  • favourite pairing: noriko/anna
  • tales of series
  • favourite title: eternia.
    favourite characters: chelsea, norma, magilou.
    favourite pairings: walter/fenimore, magilou/velvet.
  • trails series
  • favourite characters: cedric, ries (*)
    favourite pairings: :)))
  • kingdom hearts
  • favourite characters/pairings: saix/xion, axel/roxas. do not separate.
  • saga frontier
  • favourite character: asellus!!!
    favourite pairings: ...full mystic!asellus x half-mystic!asellus
  • final fantasy tactics
  • favourite character: delita
    favourite pairings: wiegraf/izlude, delita/valmafra, oeilvert/possionrie [WHY]
  • tactics ogre
  • favourite character: sherri, leonar
    favourite pairings: leonar/arycelle, arycelle/putting her war criminal ex down like a dog, catiua->denam, oz->ozma
  • revolutionary girl utena
  • favourite pairings: miki/kozue, utena/anthy, anthy/akio :(
  • others
  • narutaru, thomas the tank engine and friends based on the railway series by reverend w. awdry


    Currently this site doesn't have a lot of content yet. I'm still working on it. My biggest page is my fic recs page. Over 200 fics of various fandoms, with filterable categories and a short blurb of why I think each fic is great and you should read it. Even though the code is extremely messy, I still like the look of it a lot. It works on various screen sizes, and there's even a button to zap away those pesky abusive and underage fics if that's not your bag :p Note: everyone's definition of what constitutes sensitive content is different. Please be cautious when browsing.

    There's also a general recomendations page, one of the earliest ones I made. Very outdated and bereft of entries, but I think it's pretty cute and should be dusted up someday. I still stand by all the recs there, check them out!

    Working on right now: a shipping page. And finding more sites to link to.



    Some cool sites that I think you should check out!! Hover for a blurb. (WIP!)

  • Eternia My site! Not a lot of content here right now, but there's this cute banner at least.
  • Zanarkand Personal site with media reviews, free to use buttons, character shrines and other cool stuff. Also made my banner! Warning: eye strain.
  • Retasu Personal site featuring fanart, original illustrations, OC pages, and character/pairing shrines. Really cute layout!
  • Personal domain collecting OP's personal sites and projects. Character shrines, fanlistings, and collectives. There's even a fanfiction recs section (SFW, M/F fics).
  • linkyblog Personal site. There's a blog, lots of art (both fanart and original), character/pairing shrines, and links to a Leijiverse fansite managed by the same webmaster.
  • bikobatanari Art and essays.
  • Corpse Brigade Final Fantasy Tactics fansite featuring trivia, fan fiction, character shrines, cakes and more. Mobile-friendly!